Accélérer le téléchargement de vos paquets Ubuntu/Debian

C’est une astuce que j’ai trouvé sur le forum Ubuntu-fr et que je trouve très intéressante.

Bon je passe directement aux manipulations :

Pour commencer il faut créer un script apt-fast :


#apt-fast by Matt Parnell , this thing is FOSS

#please feel free to suggest improvments to

#Use this just like apt-get for faster package downloading. Make sure to have axel installed

#If the first user entered variable string contains apt-get, and the second string entered is either install or dist-upgrade

if echo “$1″ | grep -q “[upgrade]” || echo “$2″ | grep -q “[install]” || echo “$2″ | grep -q “[dist-upgrade]“; then

echo “Working…”;

#Go into the directory apt-get normally puts downloaded packages

cd /var/cache/apt/archives/;

#Have apt-get print the information, including the URI’s to the packages

apt-get -y –print-uris $1 $2 $3 $4 > debs.list;

#Strip out the URI’s, and download the packages with Axel for speediness

egrep -o -e “(ht|f)tp://[^\’]+” debs.list | xargs -l1 axel -a;

#Perform the user’s reqested action via apt-get

apt-get -y $1 $2 $3 $4;

echo “Done! Make sure and check to see that the packages all were installed properly. If a package is erred, run sudo apt-get autoclean and try installing it again without the use of this script.”;

elif echo “$1″ | grep -q “[*]“; then

apt-get $1;


echo “Sorry, but you appear to be entering invalid options. You must use apt-get and one of apt-get’s options in order to use this script.”;


Ensuite on rend le script exécutable

chmod +x apt-fast

Pour l’utiliser il faut taper :

./apt-fast upgrade


./apt-fast install votre paquet


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